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Loco for Coclico



Simple, classic design with a twist. Coclico shoes answer my wish for environmentally friendly shoe wear that is of high quality, long-lasting and stylish. What I find most fascinating is how much thought the company puts into each material it uses. Read more here on its vegetable-tanned leathers and other environmentally friendly and ethical manufacturing choices.

The Coclico collection finds beauty in the understated, and in the intentionally simple. Primarily inspired by nature, the brand strives to respect its muse in the design and manufacturing process. The collection’s symbol and logo is the poppy flower, “coquelicot” in French. Like this intoxicating and lusty flower, Coclico shoes bloom with time and wear.

Edith-Ringo-Black-Side1-600x600 Iris1 Kathryn-Black-side-600x600 Tecla-Dixan-Black-Side-600x600 Tia-Side-600x600 Windy-Ringo-Black-Side-600x600

2 Responses to “Loco for Coclico”

    • Malorie Bertrand

      That’s a great Ottawa-based contemporary eco-boutique! It’s the only local store I know that sells this brand. Definitely an investment piece but I’m eager for my first pair.


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