Growing pains + learning curves

September 19, 2016


Morning folks,

I didn’t think it would take me this long to write to you, dear readers, about the launch of the shop, but here we are nearly two weeks later. In usual Malorie style, things were last-minute and a tad hectic. I underestimated how long it would take me to edit photos and finish product descriptions. Man – photo editors – I admire you! I could spend hours on one photo, obsessing over the lighting and shadows and getting lost in silly detail for hours. Never mind that I don’t actually know how to use Photoshop or Lightroom all that well so it took me even longer than most and I usually ended up just reverting to the original photo. Growing pains and learning curves!

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Choosing ethical designers

August 19, 2016


Shopping for others can be a hoot, but when you’re paying up front with no guarantee that you’ll make all of your money back, the style stakes are higher. This is what it’s like buying for your own shop. I loved buying for our inaugural collection and browsing online. Finding labels that fit our values and aesthetic gave me such a thrill, but the pressure was on to deliver.

Being a buyer is a balancing act, with your personal tastes in one hand and your customers’ in the other. Being a first-time buyer was even trickier. Despite the market research I did for my business plan, I won’t know for sure what my clients like until the shop opens (September 6 by the way). I was, in many ways, buying in the dark with a small, lit match and my gut instincts to guide me.

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The storm before the storm

August 19, 2016


Being busy doesn’t always mean being productive

In these final weeks before the shop’s launch (September 6 – plug, plug) my friends and family often ask me how things are going. I’m lucky to have caring people in my life who think to ask this. They also often exclaim how busy I must be. I’m happy to respond that I’m not too busy, just busy enough. I’m productive, but I’m not slaving over the site until the wee hours of the night. Happily for me, I’ve managed to do a little bit of work every few days or so for the last year. Now, in the last days before launch, I’m keeping panic at bay by sticking to my mantra of just a couple of hours a night, every night until launch. Read More

What is going on?

July 7, 2016


Is it just me, or do we humans make life more complicated than it ever needs to be? We judge, hate, exclude, even kill each other. And all for what? I really can’t say. Sure, we could get into endless conversations about all of our issues and offer our opinions and solutions, but at the end of the day, does anything really change? I’d like to think that we’re in this new phase of humanity, in a global paradigm shift away from our materialistic, barbaric tendencies and towards a spiritual awakening. I see glimpses of it, but I also see a lot of two steps back.

Yesterday, when I heard about the shooting of Alton Sterling, I joined in on the collective exclamation: “What? Again?” Yes, again. And not just this tragedy. Each and every day, all over the world, people do bad things to each other, to themselves, to animals, to the planet. It seems never-ending. There seems to be more uncertainty in this world than ever before, but maybe that’s just me growing up and opening my eyes to the realities of life.

I have one wish for today: that you will watch this video. It’s a compilation of images and videos of our world from the ground and from space with the voice-over of renowned astronomer, Carl Sagan. Sagan delivers a beautiful, humbling message to us all and it’s one that I hope more and more people listen to in the days to come. This is an example of the importance of perspective.

Today, I just want to send out love to this world of ours. That’s it. I know, a tad cheesy Mal, but I can’t say much else and yet I want to recognize yesterday’s tragedy and those that have come before it and that will, sadly, come after. I don’t know how effective it is, but it’s really all I’ve got to give. Outside of debates, outside of politics, outside of protests and vigils, outside of actions and reactions, I’ll share my love and hope that it tips the scale for good, towards more good.

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