I have to write a business plan, SH*%T!

October 23, 2015

How ever many months ago (feels like a lifetime already), I made the decision to start a business. A lot of people have also come to this decision at least once in their life, but acting on it and following it through to the end is the real challenge. It took a few months of my boyfriend and I talking about what kind of a life we wanted, what sort of career-life balance we’d like to have, and how I might parlay my blogging about sustainable fashion into a full-time gig.

At the same time that we were doing some soul searching, I was starting to shop more for clothing online. There were a lot of fantastic online shops that sold sustainable apparel and accessories, but they were mostly based in Europe, Australia or the U.S. I didn’t mind the conversion currency rate that much, until our dollar plummeted more and I couldn’t justify the costs. I reverted back to shopping locally, mostly second-hand too. As you know, I’m also shopping a lot less because of my whole “capsule wardrobe” ah-ha moment I had last year after discovering un-fancy.com.

So to put two and two together, I noticed a gap in the Canadian market for an online store that sold Canadian-made sustainable fashion and accessories. Several months later and I’m thrilled to say that I submitted my business plan just yesterday for some startup funding. Fingers crossed that I get accepted. In the meantime, I thought I’d list some business planning tips that I learnt along the way.

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