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October 14, 2015

Mixing floral prints - Malorie Bertrand - EF Magazine - How to match colors and patterns in your clothes - Simple styling tips to help you make the most of your wardrobe

You may or may not know that I’m starting a small business. I stopped blogging here for the past couple of months to give me the head space to finish my business plan (I’m pressing SEND in a day or two for funding, fingers crossed!). I thought that I would stop blogging on EF altogether, but I realized that you would be the best readers to share my experiences with. The business is a natural progression from the blog, so why lose you as readers when you might really dig what I’m working on, you know?

I’m one or two blog posts away from being able to make the official announcement with bells and whistles. Until then, I’m incredibly excited and petrified to announce that I’m launching an online boutique to sell mostly Canadian-made sustainable fashion and accessories for women. Zee name? COMMUN – a sense of wear (shopcommun.com coming August 2016). Props to my mom for the slogan. Catch the play on words? I’ll post about the name and branding in the weeks to come.

Over the next ten months, I’ll post regularly about the ins and outs of starting up a business. I hope it comes in handy for any of you who are thinking of doing the same. The posts will also help me share with you all of the fun behind-the-scenes of shopping trips in the New Year. I’ll share images of the clothing I’m considering, highlight designers I’ve discovered, and share any meltdowns I might have as I near launching this baby. Should be quite the trip.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a blog post I wrote on styling as a guest for Rose & Fig, a wonderful sustainable lifestyle blog written by my friend Jess Hunt. By the way, she just got hitched and I think you’ll love the photographs. Missed Jess’s guest post on DIY beauty?

This post was inspired by a chat we had over Skype about how it may be easy to downsize your closet, but the styling afterwards is often what trips people up. I put together a post about matching because it’s often what challenges my clients most during wardrobe consultations. The outfits I chose were chosen less for style than to provide a clear example of matching do’s and don’t’s.  Now that I see them on the full screen I think: “Gah, I should’ve ironed my shorts!”, but I think you’ll forgive me.


  • Sara K. MacLellan

    CONGRATS, Malorie! I’m so excited for you and for the launch of COMMUN. everything about it is brilliant—the name, the concept (which we’ve already talked at length about). I look forward to seeing all the details as you unveil them, and, of course, to next year’s launch. you definitely have an ally in what you are trying to accomplish and put out into the world….


  • Amanda Moss

    Congratulations, Malorie! Love the name COMMUN! All the best in the coming months!

    AND! love she that you’re still loving your Amanda Moss skirt! This photo is beautiful, and I would love to share it (with your permission, of course)!

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