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May 18, 2016

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A business is made up of many moving parts, but for EITHER/OR, some of the most important parts are the designers. Without their beautiful clothing to choose from, I wouldn’t have any pieces to offer. This is an obvious statement I know, but it’s important to recognize the faces behind the labels.

Whether buying clothing online or in a shop, we should all try to recognize every aspect of the pieces – not just how they look and fit, but who designed them and who made them. More and more people are redefining luxury fashion as clothing made in a respectful manner, and I couldn’t agree more with this movement. This new perspective starts with acknowleding the human element of every thing we buy.

Here’s our first of several Q&As with the designers we’re lucky to feature this coming fall 2016 season on EITHER/OR. Each of our designers will be profiled on the site once it’s live in September.

It’s important for us that you get to know them because their clothing is infused with their personalities. Their qualities enhance the clothing and, I hope, will help you appreciate and understand them better.

Ashley Kasdorf recently moved her label, KAZZ Clothing from Saskatchewan to Toronto. I visited her industrial Etobicoke studio last month while on a buying trip and just loved what she was putting together for the fall.

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EF Magazine (EF): If you had to describe your clothing in three words, what would they be?

Ashley Kasdorf (KAZZ): Modern, classic, quality

EF: Who is your client?

KAZZ: My client is female, aged 25-35 and likes boutique shopping. She lives and works in the city and loves the city life. This young, middle-aged professional wears KAZZ from day to night and as trends evolve. She cares about where her garments come from and values classic yet fashionable clothing that is modern and contemporary.

EF: What do you think your clients like most about your clothing?

KAZZ: My clients love that every piece is of high quality and is made in Canada. They appreciate that they can connect with me directly when they have questions. They like knowing where their clothing came from. My garments have quality finishes such as French seams, binding, etc.

EF: What’s one thing you’d change about Canada’s fashion industry?

KAZZ: The fashion industry needs to be more open and accepting of new and emerging designers. As an emerging designer, it is expensive to get started and no one knows you, so stores are reluctant to work with you. Also, our government needs to be more involved and provide grants to fashion designers and fashion businesses . There are grants for the arts and for business, but fashion is a combination of both and there is very little for Canadian designers to help us get started.

EF: What’s a weakness of yours?

KAZZ: Trying to do everything at once. I’m slowly getting better at putting my trust and my work in the hands of others to streamline my business.

EF: What’s a strength of yours?

KAZZ: Design. I love designing and I love the business aspect of the fashion industry.

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EF: Who’s your favourite designer and why?

KAZZ: Hrabal Gurung is an amazing designer. He’s one of many favourites because of his unique and modern designs. I love his use of textiles and his geometric cuts from season to season.

EF: Tell us about your greatest failure so far

KAZZ: Streamlining processes is hard to do in this industry. There are so many steps and movements with contractors, fabric companies, etc.  My greatest failure was producing overseas when I first started the company. It was hard to manage, especially quality control.

EF: What does success look like to you?

KAZZ: Success is seeing others in my garments and meeting customers who don’t know me personally, but who love the brand. Success is doing what I love and making a living from it.


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