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May 14, 2015

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You may know by now that I am constantly trying to reduce my wardrobe to get it to that perfect number, that ever-elusive ideal amount of items that fulfill all of my style needs. It’s not just about the number though, it’s also about the style and quality of the pieces. I could have the leanest wardrobe of only 37 items but if they don’t fit properly, if their colours wash me out, if they don’t match each other and if I don’t like them, it just won’t work.

So, keep in mind, when you’re donating items that you no longer want, to take note of what you’re donating. If you’re pulling out your only cardigan and you’re a big fan of cardigans, like Mr. Rogers big, than make note of buying yourself a cardigan that you will love. It should go well with at least three other items in your wardrobe, it should be of high-quality material, it should fit well and it should be something that you enjoy wearing.

Above is a stack of clothing items that I pulled from my current spring wardrobe to try and put together into as many outfits as I possibly could. OK, I lie. Into as many outfits as I had the time and patience to that day.

From left to right: a black jumper that I bought off of Need Supply Co. last year. It is soft and comfortable BUT I have to get the straps fixed. My chest just isn’t big enough to fill it out so whenever I wear it I have to use double-sided tape, which just plain sucks. BUT, it’s in this pile because I will wear it all of the time once it’s fixed (mental note: get jumper fixed) and when I don’t want to see the top part of it, I can cover it up with another top and voila, a new pair of comfy black pants.

Second, is my lovely grey, silk camisole from Everlane. Grey goes with everything and this top is often worn to work under my black blazer or out with jeans or a mini skirt.

Next, your good ‘ole pair of light, blue jeans. I bought these at Mango while in Europe last year. Not an ethical choice but I had forgotten pants on the trip so I made the choice to buy durable jeans that I’d wear all of the time.

Then, my aubergine, jersey midi dress from H&M. It’s easily worn to work with a blazer or worn out to run errands. It’s super soft and sometimes, when it’s really cold out, I wear it to bed as a luxurious nightgown.

In the middle you’ll find a pair of white shorts form H&M, easy-peasy, simple white shorts that go with any summer top. I’ve had these for two years now and I wear them all of the time. I use baking soda to get out any stains because, yes, they do stain a lot.

Beside the shorts is a grey sweater that I bought from Lord&Taylor a few years back when I wasn’t as hard on myself about buying from ethical and sustainable sources. It’s great to throw over button-up shirts for that layered look but it’s also a cute “crop sweater”, if I can use that term.

The brown, cap-sleeved button-up is a neat piece my sister gave me from her closet. It’s long, great for layering but it has enough cuffs and buttons to be work appropriate with the right pieces.

The black pleated skirt from American Apparel was a second-hand purchase and it is such a great piece for me. I often wear it to work in the fall/winter but it’s light enough to wear in the spring. I’ll put it away in the summer though. I don’t like to wear too much black in the summer. I’m worried it’ll scare the sun away.

The second-last item is my beloved salmon silk button-up from Everlane. It’s my fancy dress shirt but I often wear it to dinner parties too.

Lastly, a striped tank that I bought at Value Village. I just love stripped tops and this one reminds me of something my mom wore when she was young. I must’ve seen a picture of her with something similar on from a family album.


Here’s a good Saturday errand-running day paired with cute sandals but you could wear it to a bar that night with some fun booties.DSC_0015

Switch the above outfit up on Sunday with white shorts to make it more suitable for warmer days and a stroll along the canal.DSC_0018

Tired of solids? Add some stripes because, you know, why not live dangerously, right?DSC_0023

And now, switch your shorts for a skirt to wear out to dinner Sunday night.DSC_0026

Wait a minute, the weather is turning a little chilly overnight, put on your jumper under your top and work those bottoms. These look great with strappy sandals.DSC_0028

Why not throw on a sweater if you really need some wind protection?DSC_0032

Let’s go a little more “worky” for Monday and sport the brown button-up under the sweater. It’s cute and preppy.DSC_0036

Work day is over, time to put on the jeans and meet up with a friend for wine.

Rise and shine, back to work with some layers. I know, lots of colour blocking.DSC_0048

Tired of layering? Just wear the sweater. Black and grey, natural best friends.DSC_0055


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