Thank God for crowdfunding

March 15, 2016

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Nasty Gal‘s Sophia Amoruso started her eBay shop with only $50 bucks. I know. Whaaat? I wish! We can’t all build a multimillion-dollar business from a few dollar bills, and that’s A OK. But props to Ms. Amoruso for making it happen and hustling her way to the top.

Every entrepreneur’s story is different, and my reality of starting up an online boutique is that I have more costs. “But Mal, didn’t you save up for the business?” you ask. I know, I should’ve, but I’ve only recently become debt free (the downside to being an optimistic person: overly optimistic about how quickly I can pay down debt). My initial inventory alone will run me more than a few thousand dollars. Thank you Futurpreneur and thank God for crowdfunding.

Today marks day two of EITHER/OR’s Indiegogo campaign. For the next 29 days, I’ll be spreading the word and trying to get as much support as possible to reach the campaign goal of $20,000 to buy spring 2016 pieces. Believe it or not, but some shop owners don’t account for buying for season two. They focus so much on getting funds together for season one that they forget that soon after they open, they have to buy a second collection before they’ve sold the first one. I’m learning from other’s mistakes, goodness knows I’ll make my own.

Thank you in advance for your support.

I know that not everyone can donate money, but sharing the Indiegogo link to as many people as you can is equally beneficial. Thank you to those of you who donate your time and/or money. It all matters.

And why does it matter to support my campaign? It matters because EITHER/OR is an online platform to promote Canadian-designed and -made, ethical and sustainable clothing and accessories. We have become far too removed from our clothing, from where it is made, by whom, in what conditions and at what cost to the environment. EITHER/OR will connect people to Canadian brands that value local production, transparency and social and environmental responsibility.





  • Jess | Rose & Fig

    Thank God for people like YOU making a difference in the wild world of fashion. Just put some in the kitty for the Either/Or effort. G’luck!!

    • Malorie Bertrand

      Thank you so very much Jess. I’m very thankful for people like you! Your support is greatly appreciated. No one said anything about feeling a lot of love during this crowdfunding campaigns 🙂

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