The best of Etsy vintage fashion

April 8, 2014

Ask any fashion and lifestyle blogger and they’ll admit that Etsy is one of the best resources to find designers and products to feature. When I wanted to compile a list of great online vintage stores, I turned to Etsy and figured I might as well just make this post all about vintage on Etsy. I did some scouring around and came across the following vintage shops that you might want to check out!

Thrift Machine

il_570xN.540082474_k9tg il_570xN.551926887_c6qf il_570xN.573080529_klus il_570xN.583062551_90vj

Archetype Vintage

il_570xN.444318092_86ot il_570xN.447519070_tl4n il_570xN.586561832_fack il_570xN.586608314_cjuy


il_570xN.568549035_krdm il_570xN.569205362_agr8 il_570xN.571418927_19wf il_570xN.581354739_3f9o

Gold Banana Vintage

il_570xN.564006772_81qr il_570xN.583776443_h6r6 il_570xN.584716068_jce0 il_570xN.586682665_mx4p


il_570xN.585595471_jmvs il_570xN.585651141_s71z il_570xN.586057060_k5qu il_570xN.586185083_p5lx

Starlet Vintage

il_570xN.518139890_qaww il_570xN.534294719_3buf il_570xN.564547816_p0yi il_570xN.580555451_e6wc

Standout Vintage

il_570xN.444254470_shvl il_570xN.485962828_k8sf il_570xN.536421325_d4ph il_570xN.586369949_i8qe

The Novelty

il_570xN.236036336 il_570xN.457846671_8tge il_570xN.484740696_svmf il_570xN.578340548_g20n


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