The storm before the storm

August 19, 2016


Being busy doesn’t always mean being productive

In these final weeks before the shop’s launch (September 6 – plug, plug) my friends and family often ask me how things are going. I’m lucky to have caring people in my life who think to ask this. They also often exclaim how busy I must be. I’m happy to respond that I’m not too busy, just busy enough. I’m productive, but I’m not slaving over the site until the wee hours of the night. Happily for me, I’ve managed to do a little bit of work every few days or so for the last year. Now, in the last days before launch, I’m keeping panic at bay by sticking to my mantra of just a couple of hours a night, every night until launch.

Sustainable in more ways than one


Why have I done this? For several reasons. One, because I work full-time and I don’t want my work to suffer with a tired and worn-out Malorie. Two, I don’t want to run an environmentally and socially sustainable business that is emotionally and physically unsustainable. It would be quite hypocritical of me to promote slow fashion, less consumption, yadda-yadda, all the while slaving away in my home office day in and day out. It’s just not right!

Now, this isn’t to say that I have all of my ducks in order and that the launch planning is going stellar. This also isn’t to say that the last few days aren’t going to be chaotic for me. But I’d rather four days of long nights and chaos than months and months of it. I’m sure I could work longer hours and maybe schedule a few more posts or write a few more blog entries, but I refuse to feel worn out by this. I’m determined (call me naive) to slowly build this business and maintain it at a sustainable level.

Being vs. doing


I’m sure you’ve all felt at one time in your life or another that you were in over your head. Or maybe you often feel panicked that you’re not doing enough. I used to be a part of that bandwagon, but I slowly got off of it and I’m travelling down a different entrepreneurial and life path. I invite you to accept your limitations and to embrace moving, doing, being slow. I can’t remember the name of the video, but there’s a great clip that I saw recently on my Facebook feed. It’s of a young man sharing his thoughts on how busy we are and how we’re morphing from human beings to human doings. Damn, that really hit home.

It also reminded me of an article called The glorification of being busy and it to confirmed in me this desire to stop defining myself by how busy I am. I’ve gradually done this over the past year or so, but the journey continues and I’m going to keep it up even while I run this side business of mine.

Slow down your routine


To help me do so, I’m also taking on creative coach Kayla Hollatz challenge to disconnect and simplify your routine. She’s committed to doing the following four things every day and I thought they were so great that I’d take the same four things on too but apply them to my business (with minor adjustments).

Kayla’s list:

  • Waking up by alarm clock rather than by my phone
  • No email or social media before 12 PM (this will be my hardest!)
  • Read and pray when I wake up, read and journal when I go to bed
  • No email after 5 PM

She was inspired by this book:

My list:

  • No work on weekends, this includes emails, social media and computer time
  • On weeknights, no email or social media until after dinner and no later than 10 p.m.
  • Stretch after waking up, read or journal when I go to bed
  • Go for a walk at least once a week

What would your list be?


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