March 6, 2014

This is not a sponsored post. It is my personal review of a free product sample.

The friendly folks at Toms of Maine asked me if I’d review their new men’s “Long Lasting” deodorant. I said yes and passed the stick along to my boyfriend Olivier since, well, he’s the ideal test subject! Not to have me feeling left out, they sent me my very own stick to try and I am fully satisfied with the product. Honestly, I’d tell you if I wasn’t.

My history of deodorant goes way back to the first day I smelled something “not so swell” wafting from my pits up to my nose. I used antiperspirant for a few years until health studies started popping up, warning consumers of the health risks of using such products. The media picked up a scent that antiperspirants weren’t all they were cracked up to be and I listened. Since then I have tried natural crystals (basically consisted of applying water to my underarm area with a crystal – yeah, not so effective for moi), 100% organic sprays (effective but no longer available in Ottawa), organic pit pastes and balms (gave me a rash) and more. I finally found my smell saviour deodorant from Toms of Maine, their “Naturally Dry” one over a year ago and I’ve been using their toothpastes for almost half a decade too.

I’ve been testing out their new “Long Lasting” stick in refreshing lemongrass and I think I’m going to keep using this one once this sample runs out. I have sensitive skin and I usually get red bumps from applying deodorant (soon after but not too soon after a shave). This kind is very soothing to my poor pits and the lemongrass scent is, well, refreshing! I don’t smell like deodorant, even at the end of the day, and it doesn’t stain my shirts – a big plus. The nicest part of using this deodorant? The application. Rather than a stiff, baby-powder consistency, this stick feels more like a smooth, oily balm so it goes on easily and doesn’t tug at my skin.

toms of main-deodorant-womenYou need to know that I’m very conscious of the products I use, from deodorant, toothpaste, make up, cleansers and moisturizers, I do my research, listen to expert advice and test out a lot of brands along the way. Eco-beauty expert and journalist, Adria Vasil, is incredibly knowledgeable on the ingredients to avoid in beauty products. She is suspicious of the existence of propylene glycol in Toms of Maine’s deodorants and you can read more about this via her column in NOW Magazine. I read the company’s website and they have a pretty thorough explanation of their use of the ingredient, which I appreciate. They admit that in high concentrations and in different forms, it can be harmful (like most ingredients), but not how it’s used in their products. I’ll look into this more, to be safe, but I do like their transparency. I’ll ask Adria what she thinks and let you know her response. Stay tuned for an eco-beauty feature of Adria and our friend and EF beauty contributor, Lyz Plant, playing makeover. 

Olivier has been using his sample whenever he stays over (two-three times a week) for the past two weeks and he reported liking application and its scent, but he says he smelled a bit of body odour at the end of the day. He’s going to continue to use it and he’ll be adding his own review shortly.

toms of main-deodorant-men

So if you’re on the lookout for a new deodorant, I’d highly recommend trying out Toms of Maine’s new “Long Lasting” line.


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