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November 26, 2014

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My original fall/winter closet

66 pieces (+ four pairs of shoes) = 70 total pieces

Have you ever had an idea for a project, made several attempts to execute it, but have it fall short of your expectations only to discover someone else who has made your dream a reality? Only a few weeks ago, I came across un-fancy.com – the minimalist closet, and what I saw on Caroline Rector’s simple site was exactly what I wanted to do for my style posts. The focus of her blog, (documenting her seasonal process of creating a capsule wardrobe), isn’t what I want to emulate, it’s how she lays out her posts; how she takes pictures of each of her clothing items, carefully documenting her thought process and how she has created an easy guide for readers to refer to and use. So, thank you Caroline for the inspiration! It’s so great to see an example of how to produce appealing posts. I will channel Miss Un-fancy in my future attempts to put together style tip posts, but don’t confuse inspiration with imitation folks.

What I will imitate, however, is her capsule wardrobe how-to, which she enthusiastically encourages everyone to try. Using her free, downloadable PDF capsule wardrobe planner, I will document my own attempts to whittle down my 100-piece winter wardrobe (this includes shoes and outerwear) to 37 pieces. Caroline aims for 37 but this isn’t a hard rule.

Below, you’ll see phase one of the process: taking inventory and documenting every item. As Caroline suggested, I used the incredible Stylebook app to take pictures of my clothing. Where was this baby back when I first started blogging!? Do you know how annoying it can be to edit out background on outfit posts? Well Stylebook makes it so easy and it allows you to organize your pieces by type and also into outfits.This took me four hours, but it was fun (I love organizing) and it helps to purge items if you see just how much you have and how little you actually wear regularly. Note that I didn’t take pictures of my shoes yet (I lost patience after four hours, I admit) but I have four pairs of fall/winter shoes.

Caroline says that what’s not included in your 37 piece wardrobe are: accessories, jewellery, pyjamas, bathing suits, lounge wear, renovation wear, purses, underwear and socks.

So how does this all work? Here’s a list from Caroline’s site on her step-by-step process:


So what’s the next step from here? I’m going to divide this beauty of a pile into three: LOVE IT, DONATE IT, STORE IT.

Stay tuned for post two!


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