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October 29, 2015


Malorie Urbanovitch – Fall 2015

Well, right now it’s an empty URL and an idea full of potential, but come August 2016, it’ll be an online shop where you can browse and buy a curated collection of Canadian-made sustainable fashion and accessories for women from a handful of designers, all under one roof. Commun will be a beautiful site, easy to navigate and responsive. We are placing great importance on creating a pleasant customer experience from beginning to end.

Commun will feature contemporary labels that emphasize minimalist design, quality materials, craftsmanship and timelessness. We’re on the hunt for labels that share in our philosophy of less is more, quality over quantity.

I know, more minimalism? It’s definitely a “thing”, a new lifestyle philosophy that a lot of people are trying to incorporate into their lives, but we’re not aiming to offer minimalist design because it’s “trendy”. Minimalism gives you, the wearer, the freedom to mix and match more easily, to make purchases that you know will complement your existing wardrobe. A classic design also guarantees that you’ll never tire of your clothing. It’ll exist beyond trends and always be treasured. This is all about making mindful purchases and making the most of your hard-earned money. A minimalist approach encourages less consumption, an emphasis on quality and function, and taking care to buy things that are not only beautiful but that challenge the current popular ideologies of mass consumption and waste.

What makes Commun stand out from other online shops is that we’ll offer pieces within a capsule collection of less than a dozen pieces, plus accessories. We don’t want to overwhelm you with endless options. Instead, we’ll carefully curate a small collection of beautiful, timeless pieces that you’ll wear for years to come. Each piece will be simple enough in design to fit in with your existing wardrobe and every Commun collection will complement the previous one, so you can rest assured that every Commun purchase will work with the other. We’re inspired by U.S. label Elizabeth Suzann. They only produce around 25 pieces a collection, each piece is one-size-fits-all, and they are simple enough in design to remain timeless.

From a business perspective, Elizabeth Suzann is also unique. They have incorporated “slow” into their business model, making everything by hand in their Nashville studio and making it clear to their customers that pieces are produced in small batches. When one sells out, customers have to wait a few weeks for more. It’s not an easy concept for everyone to accept, but I think it’s wonderful and refreshing. I also think it’s motivating to see that a slow business model is creating success for this brand. It was reported by The New York Times that Elizabeth Suzann made more than $1 million in sales after a little over a year in business. I think this shows that consumers are ready to try on a new approach to shopping.

The idea for the shop came about in my own search for an online store that offered several Canadian designers under one roof, designers that made contemporary, simple, high-quality apparel. I didn’t want to have to browse through endless items, and I didn’t want to have to do my own research to learn about the ethics of each brand. I wanted a site that had done the work for me so that I could browse, shop and check out with the piece of mind that I had made the right purchase from a style perspective as well as an ethical one.

I’m finding the task of picking the right clothing rather daunting, to be honest. It’s a big responsibility. I know that I have the capability and that there are a lot of labels to choose from, but to help make the right choices, we’ll bring you along on our buying trips and window shopping so that you can share your thoughts on possible products. Right now we’re in the research phase but we’ll get our social media accounts up and running during the holiday season so that you can follow along and take part.

Until then, here’s a look at some of the designers we love. I’ll post more from time to time as we make new discoveries.

Mal x



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