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February 2, 2015

DSC_0254I spent two months testing products from Ottawa-based DEMES Natural Products and I thought I’d show you the results of this incredibly scientific validation process. Please note that I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for doing so.

DEMES is a new beauty company that is doing a great job of spreading the word about the importance of knowing what you put on your skin and choosing to use natural, friendly products for you and your family.

Overall, I enjoyed using these products and all of them except one worked well for me. So which product failed me? Yes, let’s get the dirty laundry out in the open first. The Get the Funk Out deodorant spray didn’t work well for me. It made me smell pretty funky BUT remember that everyone’s body chemistry is different, everyone’s pit bacteria is different and its ingredients might work wonders for you, just not for me. I used the other deodorant spray, the Zombie Repellent, and it was great. I still use it today. See below for more details on each product.


DEMES generously sent me five products to test out:

  1. Anti-aging facial oil


  1. Butter Me Up tangerine vanilla moisture stick


  1. Get the Funk Out Zombie Repellent


  1. Get the Funk Out deodorant spray


  1. Get the Funk Out Room Deodorizer (no picture available)


I’ve tested my share of natural deodorants and this one made the cut. It didn’t make me smell like nasty garlic, it didn’t irritate my sensitive pits and it didn’t leave stains on my shirts. Its scent is really soft and fresh, sometimes I’ll spray it all over for a little pick me up after the gym.


The anti-aging oil smells like heaven and was really nice on my skin. It soaked in well and didn’t leave an oily residue. As for its anti-aging properties, well, I didn’t age much in two months so I guess I can say that it prevented any further signs of aging. I had exactly 27 wrinkles on my face before using the oil and no extras afterwards. I’m kidding, I haven’t counted my wrinkles but once I get my hands on another bottle of the oil, I’ll test it out for a year or two and see the results I’m sure.


My lips have been really dry this winter so I always keep the DEMES stick in my purse or my jacket pocket. This is my pucker before applying the stick…


Goes on easily, not too oily but it lasts and it has a nice vanilla smell. Note that it does have little clumps in it but they smooth out and melt with your body heat.


The great thing about this stick is its versatility. I used it not only for my lips but on my face when my face flakes came out to greet me.

DSC_0320 DSC_0316 DSC_0318

The Get the Funk Out deodorizer is perfect for freshening up my gym bag after a week of sweat or for spritzing some sweetness on my pillows before bed. Why not, right? What I appreciate the most from all of DEMES’ products is that they don’t have a strong, chemical smell. The natural scents are gentle on the nose and comforting to the soul.

All in all, DEMES Natural Products has a great line and I’m so proud to say that they’re from Ottawa. I highly encourage you to try out their products and find your magic eco-beauty routine.

*Please note that these products were donated to me for product review. I didn’t receive any monetary compensation.


  • Jess | Rose & Fig

    Ohhh, this is the second time I’ve seen this company in one day. I’ll take it as a sign! Your face is absolutely glowing after using these products, and my interest is piqued over the natural deodorant.

    I’ve had a go with three brands so far, and right now I’m finding the last one works *if* I also take liquid chlorophyll. Otherwise it’s the pits! Har har. I might have to give the Demes version a try!

  • Brenda "Bunny" Orton

    I have used a number of these products, facial oils, toner, room deodorizer and love them all. My skin loves the oils, they soak in just the right amount to leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and looking as young as possible in my 60+ yrs. The best part of these products is what “ISN’T” in them……and they are NOT tested on animals!!! KUDOS Demes!!! and thank you!

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