Mayflower fall/winter 2014 lookbook

December 15, 2014

I’m prepping another gift guide for those of you who are still on the hunt.
In the meantime I thought I’d share this: I always look forward to Mayflower’s lookbooks.
This one does not disappoint!

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Casual Friday work look

December 12, 2014


Sometimes I really work it for work, you know, heels, tights, a rockin’ skirt and blouse. I walk in thinking: “I’m going to look like I mean business.” But by Friday, especially in the winter, I just want to be comfortable.

Here I’ve paired my new Everlane top (yes, I’m still showing you just how many combinations I can make with this baby) with my fave Second yoga jeans and my Fibre Tibet scarf.

You’ll also notice another way to wear a scarf. If you don’t like anything around your neck, skip this tip, but if you’re like me and you like to keep your neck warm, this is zee best! It can sort of be taken as a chic version of a neck brace but I say: what the heck, it’s comfy! This also works because the scarf is a neutral and isn’t too loud.

Style tip for myself

Get more patterns!

DSC_0248 DSC_0251 DSC_0252

Kate Albee

December 11, 2014


I’ve said before how great it is to meet like-minded people on this interweb thing. Kate Albee and I crossed paths when she won a recent giveaway I collaborated on with Larkspur Lingerie – congratulations again! I also knew of Kate through my daily online sleuthing although I quickly forget how, exactly, it happened. Regardless, I discovered her wonderful Etsy shop and wanted to share with you some of her creations.

Kate is also an architecture-trained graphic designer, prop stylist and potter, so I’m a wee bit jealous of her uber-creative life, working as a designer and creating beautiful objects in her spare time. I’m hearing from all sorts of people, including my boyfriend and the voice inside my head, that there is an ever-growing public need to create more. People want creative hobbies but they’d also like creative jobs. I know it’s great and grand to be grateful for what you have, and I truly am, but there comes a point in your life when you feel restless and you know you need a change. Here’s to embracing your inner creative and following that path. Now let’s look at these cute creations from the lovely Ms. Albee.



Gifts for your (vegan) loved ones

December 10, 2014


By Sarah LaBrecque

While there are lots of food options for vegans, those who abstain from wearing clothing which may have harmed an animal in its production, might have a tricky time finding suitable threads, or have questions about what constitutes a vegan closet in the first place. Leather, fur, wool and even silk (because it’s made from silkworms), is out. So where does a vegan fashionista go for ideas?

Vegan Cuts, an online curator of vegan products, recently produced a vegan fashion guide and lookbook which, according to Vegan Cuts co-founder Jill Pyle, has something in it for everyone. “From glimpses into the industry to inspire the vegan curious,” she says “to quick speaking points for explaining why cruelty-free matters to you when you face inevitable questions about your animal-friendly stance,” the guide is there to help.

One of my first questions after perusing through the guide was, where can I get these items and are they going to cost me an arm and a leg? (not ideal for a vegan). Says Pyle, “We feature a whole range of items in the lookbook, but these specific brands are mostly available online. Generally, it’s possible to pick up vegan pieces no matter where you are, you just have to know what you’re looking for.” Enter the pocket guide (included in the lookbook) of fabrics to avoid, their “Label reading like a pro” tip sheet and a full vegan shopping directory.

Common fabrics like cotton and acrylic are animal friendly but there are a host of others which should be avoided, such as pashmina, suede and shearling. Knowing which materials to be wary of means that a simple check of a garment label makes it possible to shop vegan, without blood, sweat or tears (literally).

And the common impression people have that it’s expensive to be vegan (both in diet and attire), isn’t necessarily true. “For those pieces that are on the expensive side, I’d recommend looking at them as an investment,” continues Pyle, “a pair of Nicora John’s and a Vaute Couture jacket will last way longer than a cheap pair of flats and a jacket picked up at a big box store.” It’s not only an investment for your wardrobe but also for these ethical designers and companies, whose designs will only become more affordable if they can reach a wider consumer base.

So as Christmas approaches — and consumerism inevitably heightens — and you’re stuck for gift ideas for your vegan friends and relatives (or anyone really), look to Vegan Cuts and their fashion guide as a springboard for inspiration.

My picks


Cork clutch – $70.00


Transformative serum – $55.0000003386_l

Deodorant cream – $13.0000003693_l

Chickpea Magazine one-year subscription – $60.0000003965_l

Mala beads – $36.0000004071_l

Hand-crafted bar soap – $11.0000004074_l

Lip balm – $9.5000004115_l

Gourmet chocolate bar six-pack – $20.0000004367_lCanvas bag – $33.00

Weekend outfits

December 9, 2014


Here is my second outfit with my new love, the Everlane silk button-up. This look is definitely a weekend ensemble compared to this. The scarf is the best accessory I’ve ever had. It is made out of fair-trade Tibetan cashmere and it was sent to me a couple of years ago by Fibre Tibet for a product review and I still wear it at least twice a week during the cooler months.

The jeans were bought this summer when I caved and bought from J. Crew….yes, I have my weak moments too when I just need jeans and I’m in a Boston outlet mall and there isn’t an ethical or sustainable store around. I know, I should’ve just refrained from buying anything but I had forgotten my jeans for a weekend trip!!! Argh, excuses, I know. Anyways, I figured it’s important to show you that I’ll also cave into temptation. But, to make sure it was a good purchase, I looked for quality jeans and for a classic look. I wear these all the time and I plan on keeping them for years to come and turning them into shorts if they wear out too much.


The black boots are my absolutely go-to bootie for fall and winter. I wear these almost every day at work because they go with everything. And I mean EVERY-THING. They were a gift to me from my boyfriend and I insisted on leather boots so that if they wear down, I can have them fixed.

If there’s one thing I can say, it’s avoid buying plastic shoes. If you are vegan or don’t like wearing animal skins, than try recycled leather. Plastic just doesn’t last. Having said that, if you can find a shoe line made out of recycled plastic, bring me on board!


This big, bad bangle was made for me by Viixn, a Quebec-based company that makes beautiful pieces made out of reclaimed wood. Pretty gnarly right?

Wearing scarves 101

I know everyone at one time or another can’t think of anymore ways to wear scarves. I know I’m not offering you up anything groundbreaking here but just take note: with a nice, neutral scarf made out of quality fibres, you don’t have to do much to make it look good.

Above, I’m wearing it the “lazy” way and just letting it fall. This is quite an elegant look when paired with a nice coat.

You can also take a narrow belt and cinch in your waist and wrap it around the scarf so it’s tucked into the scarf. It’s a nice look and I tried this once with a dress and I loved it. Mental note, show you my scarf+belt+dress outfit in a future post.

Below is a simple “brush your shoulder off” drape. It’s a great way to wear a scarf if you don’t want to wear a necklace but, like me, you like having a little something-something to accessorize your tops sometimes.


DSC_0217 DSC_0223

Above is one more way to wear this top, same jeans, same shoes, but I threw over this organic cotton denim jacket that I got at H&M in Barcelona from the company’s Conscious Collection.

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